psicoterapia individual psicologia barcelona

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy sessions are useful to those who want to work on an issue that prevents from full well-being in a one-to-one context, the client and the therapist. The format of the therapy will depend on the request you come to therapy with, so together we will decide the frequency and the extent of the therapy.

When the request is specific and there is no intention to deepen in your character structure, or in your biography, we will plan a more strategic approach, in order you feel improvement in the shortest time necessary.

If what you are looking for is a therapeutic process that allows you to deepen your self awarenes and to discover the roots of your symptoms, we will approach the process in a more open way. As we go deeper and you work on yourself, the symptoms will fade and the patterns that seem permanent will be clearer and begin to dissolve.

Sessions are 60 minutes long aproximately and its cost is 80€.