psicoteràpia adolescents barcelona

Psychotherapy for adolescents

Sometimes the challenges raised during adolescence can require additional support to that from family and school. During this growing stage adolescents must begin to build their own identity and relate in a healthy way with their peers. In this attempts to self-define themselves, the adolescents may collide with the values and ways of their family, and this can come with suffering for both, family and adolescent.

Working with adolescents in a therapeutic context can facilitate the resolution of relational conflicts that come with this stage, and at the same time it can help de healthy development of the adolescent, and help him/her find a functional, adaptive and satisfactory identity.

Some of the challenges of this stage that can be worked on therapy are:

    • Bullying.
    • Problems derived from drug use.
    • Family conflicts.
    • Lack of motivation.
    • Non adaptive behaviour (aggression,being involved in risky activities…)

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